The Beatles The Beatles - Artefacts CD5 - Northern Song 1966-67
Backwards Speech
I'm Only Sleeping
For No One
Got To get You Into My Life
Strawberry Fields Forever
You Know My Name
Pantomine Everywhere It's Christmas
A Day In The Life
Penny Lane
Only A Northern Song
Christmas Time Is Here Again
All Together On The Wireless Machine
The Beatles The Beatles - Artefacts CD6 - The Psychedelics Years 1966-67
He Said He Said She Said She Said
Tomorrow Never Knows
Paperback Writer
It's All to Much
All You Need Is Love
Your Mother Should Know
I Am The Walrus
The Fool On The Hill
Jessie's Dream
Hello Hello
Blue Jay Way
Cry Baby Cry
Daddy's Little Sunshine Boy
Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix with John McLaughlin / Johnny Winter - Jam Sessions at The Record Plant 1967-1970
Drivin' South
Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Instrumental Jam 1
Earth Blues Jam
Instrumental Jam 2
The Things I Used To Do
Ships passing The Night
Robin Trower
Robin Trower - Live at Selland Arena Fresno, California 1975
Day Of The Eagle
Bridge Of Sighs
Gonna Be More Suspicious
Fine Day
Lady Love
Too Rolling Stoned
I Can't Wait Much Longer
Little Bit Of Sympathy
Confessin' Midnight
Judas Priest Judas Priest - Live at Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford, NJ  USA 1991
Hell Bent For Leather
Heading Out To The Highway
Metal Gods
Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
The Ripper
Touch Of Evil
Green Manalishi
Breaking The Law
Living After Midnight
You've Got Another Thing Coming
Montrose - Live at Foxboro, MA, USA 2011
Rock The Nation
Good Rockin Tonight
I Got The Fire
Make It Last
Spaceage Sacrifice
I Dont Want It
Rock Candy
Space Station 5
Bad Motor Scooter
The Beatles The Beatles - Artefacts CD7 - Inner Revolution 1968
The Inner Light
She Can Talk To Me
Across The Universe
Thank You Guru Dev Happy Birthday
The Happy Rishikesh Song
Dear Prudence
Child Of Nature
Sour Milk Sea
Brian Epstein Blues
Not Guilty
What's The New Mary Jane
The Beatles The Beatles - Artefacts CD8 - Alone Together  1968
Step Inside Love
Act Naturally
The Continuing Story Of Bungalov
Rocky Racoon
Yer Blues
Cry Baby Cry
The Mararishi Song
Everybody's Got Something To Hide
Don't Pass Me By
Sexy Sadie
Helter Skelter
I'm So Tired
The Beatles 1968 Christmas Record
Beatles The Beatles - Artefacts CD9 - Get Back To Abbey Road 1969-70
Another Day
Act Naturally
Piano Theme Strawberry Fields
Madman A Comin'
Watching Rainbows
Get Back
For You Blue
I Lost My Little Girl
Maggie Mae/ Fancy Me Changes
Dig It
Dig A Pony
Golden Slumbers
Her Majesty
Oh! Darling
I Me Mine
Beatles The Beatles - Artefacts CD10 - The Longest Road 1969
Up Against The Wall
Not Fade Away
Gimme Some Truth
Polythene Pam
Take Me Home
Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katznellen
House Of The Rising Sun
Get Back
Hole In The Heart
Two Of Us
Teddy Boy
The Walk
Mailman Bring Me No More Blues
Beatles Seventh Christmas Record
The Doors The Doors - Live at Miami Dinner Theatre
Miami, FL 1969
Backdoor Man
I Want Some Love"
5 to 1
Touch Me
Love Me Two Times
When The Musics Over
Away In Ind
I Was Born Here
We Want The World
Celebration of the Lizard
Light My Fire
Queen - Live at The BBC 1973
My Fairy King
Keep Yourself Alive
Doing All Right
Ogre Battle
Great King Rat
Modern Times Rock'n'Roll
Son And Daughter

Led Zepplin
Led Zeppelin - Live in Vienna 1973
Dazed and Confused
Stairway To Heaven
Whole Lotta Love
Baby I Don't Care
Let's Have A PartyI Can't Quit You
Bachman Turner Overdrive
Bachman Turner Overdrive - Live in Japan 1976
Roll On Down The Highway
Hold Back The Water
Welcome Home
Don't Get Yourself In Trouble
Four Wheel Drive
Takin' Care Of Business
Slow Down Boogie
Thank You - Domo
Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton  - Live at The  Rainbow 1973
Roll It Over
Presence Of The Lord
Pearly Queen
After Midnight
Little Wing
Rose Tattoo
Rose Tattoo - Live At Reading Festival 1981
One Of The Boys
Manzil Madness
Bad Boy For Love
Assault And Battery
The Butcher And Fast Eddie
Rock'N'Roll Is King
Rock'N'Roll Outlaw
All The Lessons
Neil Young Neil Young  Live at the BBC 1971
out On The Weekend
Old Man
Journey Through The Past
Heart Of Gold
Don't Let It Bring You Down
A Man Needs A Maid
Love In My Mind
Dance, Dance, Dance
Alan Parsons Alan Parsons - Live in Germany 1994
Eye in the Sky
What Goes Up
Can't take it with you
The Raven
Old and Wise
Take the Money and Run
Prime time
Standing on Higher Ground
Dio New
Ronnie James Dio Evil Eyes Live in Santa Monika Civic 1983

Stand Up And Shout
Straight To The Heart
Shame On The Night
Stargazer - Heaven And Hell
Holy Diver
Rainbow In The Dark
Man On The Silver Mountain
Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix - Studio Out Takes 1969 CD1

World Traveller
It's Too Bad
It's Too Bad  (2)
It's Too Bad  (3) – Alternate mix
Untitled Instrumental Jam A.K.A. Hitchings Jam
Midnight Lightning - Instrumental solo run through by Jimi
Cryin' Blue Rain
Lover Man
Room Full Of Mirrors
Shame, Shame, Shame
Sunshine Of Your Love
Jmi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix - Studio Out Takes 1969 CD2

Spanish Castle Magic
Hear My Train A Comin'
Noel's Tune (Take 1) - Features Jimi on guitar for a track from a Noel Redding solo session.
Blue Window Jam (Take 2)
Blue Window Jam (Take 3)
The Star Spangled Banner
The Star Spangled Banner - Slightly different mix of the official mix
The Star Spangled Banner (2) - The official mix
The Star Spangled Banner (3) – The official mix slowed to half speed but reversed
Gypsy Boy (Take 8)
Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix - Studio Out Takes 1969 CD3

Gypsy Boy
Georgia Blues A.K.A Mother, Mother
Georgia Blues A.K.A Mother, Mother  – This mix includes sax and more vocals.
McLaughlin Jam - The complete take of this jam.
Jimi/Jimmy Jam
Jimi/Jimmy Jam (2) – This is the edited official mix.

Jimi Hendrix New
Jimi Hendrix - Studio Out Takes 1969 CD4
Midnight 1
Midnight 2
Midnight 3
Bleeding Heart
Hear My Train A Comin'
Trash Man
Rock And Roll Jam
Ezy Rider Jam
Stone Free Again 1
Stone Free Again 2
Stone Free Again 3
Ships Passing In The Night
Keep On Groovin 1
Keep On Groovin 2
Jimi Hendrix New
Jimi Hendrix - Studio Out Takes 1969 CD5
Mannish Boy 44
Mannish Boy 48
Mannish Boy 49
Mannish Boy 50
MB 46
MB 45
Crash Landing 1
Crash Landing 2
Crash Landing 3
Crash Landing 4
Drone Blues 1
Drone Blues 2
Ships Passing In The Night
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